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File: 1554833318874.png–(4.44MB, 4093x2635, 0772d4f6a675d9ac6bb198bb3f4c5652.png)
No.155  [Reply]
Hei, nyymi, mikset sä postaa koskaan?
¨ No.156
1554834885864.jpg–(190.80KB, 900x602, 1554799353116.jpg)
¨ No.159
1555144214355.jpg–(23.12KB, 540x217, c5797c7eb205ec282c9a2309009941d40bc857c197eb98d049)

>In his famous poem, The Solution, Bertolt Brecht joked that "the people had forfeited the confidence of the government" and it would be easier "for the government to dissolve the people and elect another".
>Worrying because these days, the people in the USA (and elsewhere) do not have a huge amount of choice. They have to choose between the neoliberals, aka deluded folk who offer a repetition of the same decade-long economic mess or the strong men. However the problem is not the populist or the strong man politician (which merge in some cases). The problem is the economy and the economic inequality. The problem is Neoliberalism.

>I want to help people to become revolutionaries in training.

>We must fight against those who not only hold but hang on to power and wealth with relentless tenacity.
>We must stand against neoliberalism and its global and regional institutions. We must offer an alternative democratic and socially-just society, one devoid of social democratic compromises (especially those with big business).
>I have set up a new foundation to support activists and other revolutionaries, it is called Tenure. We are planning radically great things.
>Are you with me?
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File: 1554570368379.png–(1.45MB, 1000x1415, 36777875_p0.png)
No.147  [Reply]
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¨ No.151
1554571172650.png–(332.73KB, 569x759, xbtkHRNcHgD8GPWwtGqTsLYcU4qcck_-hwM8ylt-z1s.png)
En ole nähnyt, että olisit postannut.
¨ No.152
¨ No.153
1554579297185.jpg–(185.60KB, 1200x830, Jee kurisu.jpg)
Kuva jäi

File: 1554096711630.jpg–(58.71KB, 256x765, Yuno gasai.jpg)
No.130  [Reply]
Tykkääköhän ultimaatti kun teen tänne langoja?
¨ No.131
1554103818314.png–(23.77KB, 500x500, ritsu299.png)
Tykkään :3
¨ No.133
Ihanaa :3
¨ No.146
1554570194574.png–(23.77KB, 500x500, ritsu299.png)

File: 1554319121247.jpg–(338.65KB, 1280x720, yandere kurisu.jpg)
No.142  [Reply]

¨ No.143
¨ No.144
1554452735251.jpg–(86.90KB, 754x900, glitsikurisu.jpg)
En ymmärrä>>143

File: 1554179937131.jpg–(138.16KB, 1124x1113, shiraimasu.jpg)
No.136  [Reply]
Kiitos Israelin Jumalalle tästäkin laudasta
¨ No.138

Israelia ei ole olemassa
¨ No.141
1554292988637.jpg–(81.35KB, 720x871, shiraimasen.jpg)

on se ja Israelin valtio on todiste jumalan olemassaolosta.

File: 1554241306067.jpg–(1.95MB, 2307x3591, 1519149712736.jpg)
No.139  [Reply]
miksei täällä ole muita alalautoja
¨ No.140
Mihin niitä tarvii?

File: 1554142746872.gif–(465.67KB, 475x267, soitaarumpui niin pillu haisee.gif)
No.134  [Reply]
miksi ulti on niin homo
¨ No.135
Mitenniin muka?
¨ No.137
Ei se oo just kiva se on

File: 1554030401315.png–(1.45MB, 1000x1415, 36777875_p0.png)
No.120  [Reply]
Miksi et postaa koskaan mitään?
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¨ No.127
Mikset ite ikinä postaa
¨ No.128
1554036122803.jpg–(58.46KB, 900x700, 16550672_p0.jpg)
Juurihan mina postasin.
¨ No.129
1554047970547.jpg–(85.53KB, 600x640, aaahh kurisu.jpg)
En usko todista

File: 1553007640133.png–(44.37KB, 221x221, /人◕ ‿‿ ◕人\.png)
No.46  [Reply]
Ketä paikalla?
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¨ No.95
[i][ seuraavat henkilöt paikalla? -pasta ][/i]
¨ No.116
1553938682385.jpg–(18.10KB, 480x360, mikahatana.jpg)
¨ No.119
1553989255312.png–(572.92KB, 875x866, ääh kurisu.png)

File: 1553109827588.jpg–(113.29KB, 860x768, hihhuli kristiina.jpg)
No.88  [Reply]
tarkistan vain laudan tasoa
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¨ No.115
1553877739219.jpg–(78.17KB, 600x640, hymy kurisu3.jpg)
Aijaa olen vai? :3
¨ No.117
Joo :3
¨ No.118
1553958406219.png–(224.10KB, 400x517, Söpö dr pepper kurisu.png)

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