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Salasana (Tiedoston poistoon.)

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Hello welcome to loistolauta, a shitty imageboard for unemployed homos :-DD
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are u an unemployed homo too?

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greetings from https://omegachan.cc/

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Using SSH and Tor:
Anything goes, fully anonymous. If you don't know how to connect, then it's not for you.


kakkaan sun päälle nytte


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fuck off fbi


voi lol nörttiä menoa

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i hate belgium so much it's just a habsburg chimera brought upon this world by inbreds
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Imagine living in a world where Belgium is a country but Kurdistan isn't.



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Kengan omega characters that weren't in asura and that I would have sex with (based on personality as well as looks)
>nicolas le banner
the one still alive, aka jean-luc
>xia ji
I can fix him, he would totally be happy with a loving bf and chilling at home
full body organic vibrator, he must give awesome massages
the fact he's a grappler makes him a better hugger than the other
he's autistic, just like me
okay he was in asura but he didn't do anything also he's prime twink material
>wu xing
hubba bubba woo wee

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poopy poopy poop poop faaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrts poopeeeeee

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Post on staffas.org instead


>open site
>see penis
wow it's just like loistolauta

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