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Salasana (Tiedoston poistoon.)

File: 1629379593829.jpeg (23,96 KB, 226x239, fun allowed.jpeg)


Hello welcome to loistolauta, a shitty imageboard for unemployed homos :-DD
3 postausta ja Yksi kuvavastaus jätetty näyttämättä. Paina vastaa näyttääksesi.


are u an unemployed homo too?

File: 1639863228771.jpeg (118,78 KB, 1242x1523, FBlzCtnX0AQ-qMG.jpeg)


a thread for niggers

everyone else not allowed

File: 1629513024542.jpg (65,09 KB, 870x688, sinivalkojengi.jpg)


This is white and blue board


Greek-Israeli-Finnish alliance when?

File: 1629383281869.jpg (61,46 KB, 640x480, hitler-technobar.jpg)


Is this taliban friendly board?







File: 1629394627899.png (920,28 KB, 849x1200, magane suggestive.png)


Any cute femboys that have anime avatars want to play around in a discord server?


File: 1629395451014.jpg (67,01 KB, 893x638, c0q7p.jpg)

depends how long your dick is…
measure and post with timestamp


yes the faggot admin is one

File: 1629384847958.png (492,03 KB, 640x687, 1622579484511.png)




File: 1629385615555.jpg (1,56 MB, 2998x3999, image0 (1).jpg)

dont take your meds
don't trust those that glow


the whitejacketsatanists inject their meds in to me every month by force and terror :(((


:( you could get anime gf if you escaped from them

File: 1629379835883.jpg (580,64 KB, 2176x2402, IMG_20210818_231845~2.jpg)


hello int neegers
post your eye
me full mongol


File: 1629382306440.jpg (711,19 KB, 2019x1733, download.jpg)

henllö, je süüis scamdinavïan, yes
tryst me


we dont use ü here you dumb :-DDD


shùt ît döwn DDD-:


dont trust you unless you post eye…


File: 1629384721312.jpg (317,45 KB, 1242x993, IMG_20210819_175102~2.jpg)



Fun fact: The movie American psycho, Christian Bale admits he got his inspiration for Patrick Bateman from Tom Cruise himself

File: 1629381479349.jpg (41,88 KB, 500x667, 26169254_981530485329527_5….jpg)


i know where you went last week

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